Homeschool Camp

It's Homeschool Camp time of year again!  If you are interested in checking us out or have questions, please call my cel phone at 518-569-3327 because I will be out of town until Saturday. We'd love to have new faces and make new friends. Here are the basic details...

Where:  Summer Camp at Camp Cherokee (433 Gilpin Bay, Lake Saranac)

When:  Aug.21st – Aug.26th, 2016 (Sunday, August 21st (dinner time) through Friday, August 26th (morning))

Cost: $461/family plus you supply a meal for everyone including staff and help another family with a meal (that way you have help with your meal too!) Note:  If you’d like another adult with you for the week (Grandparent) it is an additional $120. The cost of an additional child (13 and under) it is $100 for the week. Foster children are considered family children and included in the family price.

If you can't make the week... here are some additional choices:

Day Rate: for a family is $75 dollars plus you will be asked to contribute dessert or drinks for one meal and be a helper for that meal. The $75 does include activities and food for your family for the day

Night Rate: for a family is $110 plus you will need to provide a meal for everyone (I can help you with this). Each additional night will be $99 and you will need to help with a meal. The rate includes activities and food.

Activities (all included in the cost):
Pool with lifeguard, Horseback riding, Archery or Knife throwing, Ping Pong, Small Sand Pit (little boys liked it there!), Vollyball/Sand area, Playground area, Motorboats with almost everything imaginable behind them (staff drives the boats), Boat Area (includes kayaks, canoes, paddle boats) 

Other things you may want to know --
  • The kitchen is vegetarian; hence no meat – milk, eggs & dairy are fine.
  • You bring your own bedding, towels, etc (beds and bunks are provide). I’ll let you know what beds/bunks you will have in your room before you go.
  • Every family supplies a meal - so food is mostly covered. You can put the food you bring in the main kitchen where there is a walk in fridge and area to store food. (You may also want to bring extra snacks for your family in a plastic container if you store where you sleep or you can store anything you want in the kitchen)
  • Due to allergies, we have only allowed peanut butter in the kitchen and asked that an adult makes the sandwich, then they watch the child while they eat it. Afterwards, please wash everyone’s hands.
  • If you have other allergy concerns, or this policy is not acceptable, please notify me and we will work together to insure everyone is safe!

Feel free to contact me with questions. You can email me at tamneureuther or call me (c) 518-569-3327. My kids are looking forward to an amazing time with their friends and I’m looking forward to the peace and friendship I enjoy each year.