Homeschool Skiing at Titus Mountain

It’s almost time for homeschool skiing at Titus Mountain in Malone!

We will continue to ski this year on Fridays starting January 16th and running for 5 weeks.  There is a sixth week for make-ups. The prices are as follows (this cost is for the entire 5 weeks):

Lift Ticket and Lesson: $85
Lesson Only: $40
Rentals: $50

Lift Ticket and Lesson: $85
Lesson Only: $40

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Also email to request the registration forms. Please send your completed form(s) to 817 Brand Hollow Rd. Peru, NY 12972  
Money is due at the time of registration, please make checks payable to me (Dawn-Marie Hall), as Titus requests only one check from the group.  Registration will be due December 14.  Also, please feel free to pass this information along to other interested homeschooling families.

Co-op For Wed November 19th

Classes start promptly at 11:00am, and conclude around 2:30p when the 1:00pm afternoon classes finish. Feel free to come for the whole time or just for the portion your family wants to participate in. Bring a lunch or participate in the community potluck!
Full details available on all class offerings below. For quick reference here is an overview of what is being offered this day:
11:00 - 12:00:
Thanks for Thanksgiving -- Preschool -- Beth Notch
Human Body: The Digestive & Renal System -- K-3 -- Heidi Moore
History of Thanksgiving -- K-3 -- Jan McCormick
Introduction to Poetry -- 4th-6th -- Samantha Marocco
Basics of Personal Finance -- middle/high school -- Tammy Neureuther

12:35 - 12:55:
Children’s Chorus -- PreK-3rd
Youth Chorus -- 4th+
Current Events Club -- middle/high school

1:00 - 2:00:
Making Music with Fractions -- K-4 -- Melissa Floyd
Paper Twirling -- 3rd & up -- Amanda Bokus
Native American of New York State -- Wars: Taking Sides -- 5th & up  (class runs 1:00p - 2:30p) --  Jan McCormick

Free Play Room:  Legos
11:00a - 12:00p

Preschool: Thanks for Thanksgiving Students will participate in circle time reading two books "Thanks for Thanksgiving" & "The Littlest Pilgrim". There will be playdough, a tissue paper Indian corn craft, and a bead & pipe cleaner turkey craft.

Teacher: Beth Notch
Fee: $1 per student
RSVP: Beth Notch,

History of Thanksgiving
Learn about the history of Thanksgiving, and how myth vs historical reality.
Teacher: Jan McCormick Fee: $3 per student, or $2 per student if participating in all 3 of Jan's fall elementary history classes (10/15, 11/5 & 11/19) Class Size: 10 RSVP: Jan McCormick,

Human Body:  Digestive & Renal System
Come learn some fun facts while exploring your digestive & renal systems and how they work!

Teacher: Heidi Moore
Fee: $2 per student
Class size: 7
RSVP:  Heidi Moore,

Gr 4-6: Introduction to Poetry
This second class on poetry will focus on poetry about food (as we will be so close to celebrating Thanksgiving!). You’ll be introduced to a number of different poets this class as it seems many poets have discovered poetry in their food! We will continue the fun with reading and listening to poems, completing arts and crafts related to poems, writing a Thanksgiving poem, and we will even have a poetry treasure hunt! Bring your appetites for some great poems and join in the fun!

Teacher: Samantha Marocco
Fee: $3 which will provide each student a second Dover book of poetry to bring home  
Class size: 8-10
RSVP: Samantha Marocco,

Middle/High School:


This class will be an ongoing series over several classes.  Students will learn about various topics including: supply/demand; careers & income goals; budgeting & living expenses; using a checkbook; savings accounts; stocks, bonds & dividends; credit cards; your credit score & purchasing a home; insurance, taxes & retirement.  

Teacher: Tammy Neureuther
Fee: $5 for the full semester or $1 per class
Extra Supplies:  Additionally, please bring a notebook, pencil, and if you have the classified & food ads from a newspaper or the Wall Street Journal.  If you will be bringing in newspapers please let the instructor know.
RSVP:  Tammy Neureuther, or Facebook Tammy Neureuther

12:00p - 1:00p

Potluck or bag lunch period. ***Please remember that co-op as a new nut free policy! This includes not only items brought for potluck, but also for holiday treats, snacks & bag lunches. If you are looking for a nut butter alternative, sun butter is OK to use! *** We will meet upstairs in the fellowship hall for lunch break.  Potluck lunch is open for everyone attending!  If your family has special dietary needs (vegan, gluten free, etc), please consider bringing a dish to share that you family can also eat!    Families who choose not to participate in potluck are encouraged to bring a bag lunch.  

If you’d like to participate in a potluck lunch please email Cathy Morin at

12:35p - 12:55p

Children’s Chorus -- (grades PreK - 3)  Will be practicing Christmas songs this fall to be sung at Meadowbrook Nursing Home on 12/10/14 from 10-11am.  The only requirement for Children's Chorus is your young children must be able to participate without distracting the other kids!   Students interested in Children's Chorus will meet in the sanctuary upstairs.

Teacher: Holly Warren
Fee:  FREE
RSVP:  Holly Warren,, or Facebook Holly Warren. No need to RSVP unless the student is a new participant.

Youth Chorus -- (grades 4 & up)  Youth Chorus is new this year!   Students will be practicing modern Christmas songs to be sun at Meadowbrook Nursing home on 12/10/14 from 10-11am.
Teacher: Cheryl Lussier
RSVP:  Cheryl Lussier,, or Facebook Cheryl Corsetti Lussier. No need to RSVP unless the student is a new participant.

Current Events  -- (middle/high school)

This weekly group will discuss and explore what is happening locally, nationally and around the world.  Due to some of the content that may be discussed this will be for the middle school and highschool students only (with parental approval).  Students will be asked to contribute weekly.  This class will meet in the downstairs board room.

Teacher: Tammy Neureuther
RSVP: Tammy Neureuther, or Facebook Tammy Neureuther

1:00p - 2:00p

Elementary (K-3):

Making Music with Fractions
Music can make introduction to fractions fun for children.  Through humming, drumming, and playing out music notes on a recorder, students will learn about whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes.  We will introduce the concept of basic fractions and how they are related to music.   Please note, this class will meet from 1-2p on 10/15, 10/29, 11/19 & 12/3.

Teacher: Melissa Floyd
Fee:  If your child has a recorder, please have him or her bring it. If you need me to order one, please let me know by October 3rd .  There will be a $8 fee for recorders.  The class is free otherwise.   
Class size: 12
RSVP: Melissa Floyd, , or Facebook Melissa Floyd

Gr 4-6:

Paper Twirling

Paper twirl projects using the Klutz paper twirling kit. If you have quilling supplies, bring them, but there will be plenty to share. You do NOT need to buy a kit, but this is what will be used:
Teacher: Amanda Bokus
Class size: 8 RSVP: Amanda Bokus,, or Facebook Amanda Bahere Bokus

Middle/High School:

Native Americans of New York State -- Wars - Taking Sides

***Please note this class concludes at 2:30p ***

This class will meet for 5 sessions: 10/15, 10/29, 11/5, 11/29, & 12/3. Through the class the students will have a better understanding of the day to day lives of the Native Americans of New York State from pre-contatct up to the American Revolution and their influence on the Colonial Constitution.

The five programs will cover: 1) The Early People 2)Explorers/Contact 3)Trade Relations & Treaties 4)Wars - taking sides 5)The Aftermath
Note:  Those interested in participating will be emailed a selection of readings a week before class, and students will pick one reading and write an abstract before class. (An abstract is an analysis of the reading - Did the author prove his thesis and support whether or not the author was successful and then conclude your belief. Reading and abstract expectations will be age and level appropriate. It will be an introduction to the 4th grades and a greater expectation for the older students.)

Classes will include artifact analysis, use of maps and primary documents to detect how the early people and the tribes that followed lived, their politics and relations with other tribes and Nations. There will be some role play. Students will break into groups or tribes to make political decisions on trade, treaties and war.
My goal for these lessons are to prepare students to think critically in their readings and writings. It will be an introduction for the younger ones and preparing the older students for college.
I will provide the first readings, but will be open to students picking readings that apply to the lesson - but a topic they personally have an interest in.

Teacher: Jan McCormick
Cost: $10 for semester or $3 per class
RSVP: Tammy Neureuther, or Facebook Tammy Neureuther

Board Games & Afternoon Free play  --

Board games for the preschool & elementary age children will be set up in the preschool room downstairs. There will also be building blocks, basic art supplies, and other items to help keep our youngest co-op members entertained throughout the afternoon.

Board games for older kids (ages 9+) will be set up in the board room for the afternoon.  Bring your favorite game to share!

Creative Crafts Saturday -- 11/15/14 -- Plattsburgh Library Auditorium -- 10a - 12p -- FREE!

Kids Station Children's Museum presents a FREE

Creative Crafts Saturday at the Plattsburgh Public Library Auditorium (2nd floor)

10:00am - 12:00pm

Celebrate Fall & Thanksgiving!

~ Make a fall wreath.
~ Create Pilgrim Finger Puppets
~ Construct a Turkey Mask
and more.......

For more information contact 518-566-7575 or

Plattsburgh State Story Hour


Plattsburgh State Art Museum invites you to join us for a free Preschool Story Hour on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 10am.

Pop Art - Explore your senses through art.
Book: Touch the Art: Pop Warhol's Top by Julie Appel

The program is especially designed for preschool age children (ages 3-5) and their caregivers.  

Click below for more information and to RSVP.

Register Now!

If you have any questions about this event, please contact the museum educator at

Best wishes for a great week from Plattsburgh State Art Museum.  


Samantha Bellinger
Plattsburgh State Art Museum