Homeschool Ballet

Please see below for information from Victoria Ainsworth. She has previously taught a homeschool ballet class and is now joining Langlois Dance to teach ballet at that location. If there is enough interest, Victoria says a homeschool class will be created. Please reach out to Victoria for more information.

Hello, Ms. Barbra Racine, the owner of Langlois Dance school, is making the schedule. The ballet classes are open to all children however if we have 8 or  more than children Ms. Barbra will create a separate Homeschool class only for Home school children. Previously when I taught a homeschool class (my daughter has been homeschooled for years) we did the class at 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon depending on the most convenient day for all. I also teach mornings at the cvph Wellness center but am free to teach most afternoons!  Thank you Please feel to contact me with any further questions.