Homeschool Downhill Skiing

It’s almost that time again - time for homeschool skiing at Titus Mountain!  Titus has made some positive changes to their skiing program, and have both mountains open 7 days/week.  Our ski season will start on Friday, January 15thand last for five weeks.  Each Friday ski session will last from 9:30AM-4:00PM.  For those interested, there is an option to extend the season.  There is the potential to add more weeks to the season, if you would like.

Skiing/Snowboarding dates are as follows (weather permitting):
January 15
January 22
January 29
February 5
February 12
**there will be no Homeschool Skiing 2/19 due to February Vacation (if make-up is needed or if additional weeks are purchased)
February 26 (5-week program make-up, if needed)

Skiing is for a minimum of 5 weeks with the potential to add more.  These additions need to be made before the skiing season and is optional.  Also, the pricing is for either the snowboarding or skiing program.  Pricing is as follows:

Students (considered ages 5 and up):
**Lift & Lesson & Rental- $150 ($30 for each week added on to the minimum 5 week program)
**Lift & Lesson- $100 ($20 for each week added to the minimum 5 week program)
**Lesson & Rental- $100 ($20 for each week added to the minimum 5 week program)
**Lesson Only- $50 ($10 for each added to the minimum 5 week program)

For example, if your family would like to add 3 weeks to your families’ skiing program using the Lift & Lesson & Rental pricing, the cost per student would be $150 (5 weeks) with an additional $90 for the extra 3 visits making the total $240 per student.

**Lift & Lesson & Rental- $300 ($60 for each week added on to the minimum 5 week program)
**Lift & Lesson- $175 ($35 for each week added to the minimum 5 week program)
**Lesson & Rental- $175 ($35 for each week added to the minimum 5 week program)
**Lesson Only- $50 ($10 for each week added to the minimum 5 week program)

There is also an option of purchasing lunch tickets for $6/week for each student/adult wanting to participate.  You may choose to purchase lunch tickets for as many or as little of the program you would like. If you choose to sign your family up for the lunch program, I do not need to know what you would like, just home many tickets and weeks.

Lunch Menu choices (choose 2 of the following):
Chicken Tenders
Regular Hotdog
Pizza Slice
Bag of Chips

Each meal option includes one of the following options- Milk, Bottled Water, or Hot Chocolate

*No substitutions to the Lunch Menu please*

This is a lot of information.  If you have any questions or would like skiing forms, please email me at Payment is due at time of registration (skiing program and lunch).  Checks should be made payable to me (Dawn-Marie Hall), as Titus requires one check from each group. Registration is due December 20th.  Pleahomese pass this information on to any interested homeschooling families not on the email group.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

Dawn-Marie Hall
North Country Homeschool Skiing Coordinator

Lake Placid Center for the Arts Free Workshops

Free AfterSchool Workshops
Just in Time for the Holidays!
Limited Space Available!
Sock Snowmen
Ages: 8-10

An easy no sew project using socks to create a cool, cute little no-melt winter decoration.              

Tue, December 1  |  4 - 5pm        

Starburst Ornaments
Ages: 8-12

Using special folding techniques, make festive ornaments for holiday decorating or to give as a gift.           

Fri, December 4  |  4 - 5pm

Winter Wonderland
Ages: 9 & up

Everyone loves a snow globe! Make your very own to enjoy all year-round!   

Tue, December 8  |  3:30 - 5:30pm
Thu, December 10 |3:30 - 5:30pm

Teddy Bear Ornaments
Ages: 8 - 10

Create cute, cuddly teddy bear ornaments using ordinary Christmas bulbs and some fuzzy stuff. 

Tue, December 15  |  4 - 5pm

Already signed up?
Did you know each child is allotted two workshops?
Click Here for a List of All Available Workshops
Lake Placid Center for the Arts | 518.523.2512 |

North Country Homeschool Co-op 11/18/15

North Country Homeschool Co-op 11/18/15

Please come join us at the Wesleyan Church on Rt 3 in the village of Cadyville.

Set-up for those teaching will begin at 10:15am.  Also, teachers, please remember to bring an envelope marked with your class name, fee, and some change to place on the sign-in table!  

Classes start promptly at 11:00am, and conclude around 2:00p or 2:30p when the 1:00pm afternoon classes finish. Feel free to come for the whole time or just for the portion your family wants to participate in. Bring a lunch to enjoy upstairs in the Fellowship Hall or next door at the playground!

Full details available on all class offerings below.  For quick reference here is an overview of what is being offered this day:

11:00 - 12:00
Pilgrims & Pumpkins -- PreK -- Holly Warren
Pirate Treasure Boxes -- K-3 -- Olivia Gillett
Science Is Fun -- 3-5 -- Tammy Neureuther
Self Portraitst -- 6-12 -- Jody Nebesnik

12:30 - 12:55:
Children’s Chorus -- any age -- Maria MacKay & Aaron Dupree
Current Events -- middle/high school -- Tammy Neureuther

1:00 - 2:00:
Thankful Turkey Journal Project -- K-5 -- Shannon Stone
Forensic Science #4 -- 6-12 -- Amanda Bokus

Free Play Room:  Puzzles & Snap Circuits

11:00a - 12:00p

Pilgrims & Pumpkins
Come join in a circle time hearing a story about the first Thanksgiving, make a Thankful Turkey craft, and play with fall sensory bins.
Teacher: Holly Warren
RSVP: Holly Warren,

Elementary (K - 2nd):

Pirate Treasure Boxes

What do we treasure?
Each student will get a small wooden treasure chest to decorate, then we will fill them with things we treasure in our lives. These can be pictures or written words on slips of paper.  Anyone wishing to donate old magazines or catalogs for cutting out pictures is welcome to do so.  Students may bring small photos of loved ones to place in their treasure boxes.  Art supplies (paper, markers will be out for drawing) I will try to play "my favorite things" song as sung in the sound of music, at the beginning to help get the ideas flowing.  These filled treasure boxes that go home with each student may be helpful in reminding us what we all are thankful for at thanksgiving time.

Teacher: Olivia Gillett
Class Size: Max 30
Fee: $1 per child donation, not required

Gr 3-8:

Science Is Fun!

We’ll explore how maps work, what the earth is made of, hurricanes & tornadoes, and more (depending on the time).  Please let me know if anyone is allergic to oranges or eggs!

Teacher: Tammy Neureuther
Class Size: 8
Fee: $2 per child
RSVP:  Tammy Neureuther,

Gr 6 -12

Learn how to draw a self-portrait and learn about facial proportions.  We will be drawing and coloring them if time allows.   Please bring a self-standing or hand held mirror if you have one.

Teacher: Jody Nebesnik
Class Size: 10
Fee: $2 per child
RSVP: Jody Nebesnik,

12:00p - 1:00p

Bag lunch period.

***Please remember that co-op has a nut free policy!  This includes not only items brought for bag lunches but also for holiday treats, snacks, etc.  If you are looking for a nut butter alternative, sun butter is OK to use! ***

We will meet upstairs in the fellowship hall and/or next door at the playground for lunch break.

12:30p - 12:55p

Children’s Chorus -- any grade

Students will be practicing songs for a Christmas recital at a local nursing home.  Children's Chorus is open to all children as long as they are old enough to stand with the group & not be a distraction to the other singers.

Teacher: Maria MacKay & Aaron Dupree
Fee:  FREE
RSVP:  Maria MacKay, monster_mcgee@yahoocom

Current Events  -- Gr. 6-12

This weekly group will discuss and explore what is happening locally, nationally and around the world.  Due to some of the content that may be discussed this will be for the middle school and highschool students only (with parental approval).  Students will be asked to contribute weekly.  This class will meet in the downstairs board room.

Teacher: Tammy Neureuther
RSVP: Tammy Neureuther, or Facebook Tammy Neureuther

1:00p - 2:00p


Thankful Turkey Journal Project
Each child will be making a fun 10 page journal of things they are thankful for, write/draw those things, and make a turkey pop-up in the middle.  Please bring crayons or colored markers and scissors.
Teacher: Shannon Stone
Fee: $2 per child
RSVP: Shannon Stone,

Gr 6-12:

Forensic Science/CSI #4

Solve fun mysteries using science skills.  Analyze crime scene photos & lab reports, test hypotheses, collect evidence.  Lap components will include: dental impressions, fingerprinting, evidence collection & more!

Teacher: Amanda Bokus
Fee: $15 per student for supplies & booklets
RSVP:  Amanda Bokus,

Afternoon Free Play

There will also be building blocks, preschool toys, basic art supplies, the free play room, and other items to help keep our youngest co-op members entertained throughout the afternoon.

Shelburne Museum Winter/Early Spring Workshops

Shelburne Museum Winter/Early Spring Workshops in the Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education
Our school programs workshops offer students K-12 an exciting opportunity to explore our special exhibitions and engage in meaningful, hands-on, art-based activities. Workshops are designed to meet Common Core standards. $7.50 per student. One parent per child admitted free. Pre-registration required for homeschooling families and school groups. To register, please call Maggie Lisman, Academic Programs Coordinator at (802) 985-3346, x3395 or email at

When is it offered?
Workshops are offered from September to June, in conjunction with the winter/early spring special exhibition schedule (see below)

How does it work?
Two workshop sessions are offered on Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-11 a.m. and 12-2 p.m. Explore the special exhibition with a knowledgeable Museum educator. Then, head to the classroom for artistic expression and creation during an exhibition-related, hands-on, art making experience. All workshops can be modified to meet the needs of your students’ grade level.

The Artist’s Toolkit: American Art September 16, 2015-June 10, 2016
In The Artist’s Toolkit: American Art students in grades 9-12 will use Visual Thinking Strategies to explore our American paintings collection and spend time working independently to gain a deeper understanding of the artists and the techniques used in their work.

The Artist’s Toolkit: American Art
12-2PMFriday, May 13, 9-12 Students
12-2PMFriday, May 27, 9-12 Students

The Artist’s Toolkit: Impressionism May 9, 2016-June 10, 2016
In The Artist’s Toolkit: Impressionism students in grades 9-12 will explore the Impressionist painting collection housed in the Electra Havemeyer Webb Memorial Building, compare major artists of the movement, and discuss the techniques and subjects of the movement. In our classroom space, students will apply the artists’ techniques to create their own Impressionist-inspired painting.
Recommended for grades 9-12

The Artist’s Toolkit: Impressionism
9-11AMFriday, May 13, 9-12 Students
9-11AMFriday, May 27, 9-12 Students

Special Exhibition Workshops November 4, 2015-December 18, 2015
Eyes on the Land
Workshops in conjunction with Eyes on the Land aim to provide students with an opportunity to explore different interpretations of landscape through the work of thirteen Vermont painters, photographers, and sculptors featured in indoor and outdoor art installations. Each workshop includes an exploration of Eyes on the Land and an hour-long art activity.

Nature Explorers
Come explore nature! Students will work in small groups to investigate all things in nature using magnifying glasses, participate in a nature scavenger hunt and create an animal or geometric pattern using nature-inspired materials. Once complete, students will attach their work to one another to create a collaborative mobile. *Participating schools are asked to collect leaves from their community for use in the workshop.
Recommended for grades K-4

Nature Explorers Workshop
9-11AMFriday, November 20 (Nature Explorers) K-4 Students

Weaving with Nature
In Weaving with Nature, experience nature through art by constructing their own natural looms using sticks and string. Students will create a fiber weaving using a color pattern of their choice. Once complete, students will create a collaborative piece in which all weavings attach to each other.
Recommended for grades 5-8

Weaving with Nature Workshop
9-11AMFriday, December 18 (Weaving with Nature) K-4 Students
12-PM: Friday, December 18 (Weaving with Nature) 5-8 Students

Nature 101
After a gallery visit, students will have an opportunity to paint landscape scenes on sap buckets. 
Recommended for grades 9-12

Nature 101 Workshop
9-11AMFriday, December 11 (Nature 101) 9-12 Students

Special Exhibition Workshops December 2, 2015-April 15, 2016
Birds of a Feather
Workshops in conjunction with Birds of a Feather are designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards and aim to provide students with an opportunity to investigate a bird’s habitat, explore the history and purpose of decoys, and gain essential understandings in life science. Each workshop includes an exploration of Birds of a Feather and an hour-long art activity. 

The Art of a Decoy
In The Art of a Decoy, students will use iPads and print materials to research the history and construction of duck decoys. Students will have an opportunity to explore decoys from our permanent collection and create their own decoy and write a short narrative.
Recommended for grades K-12
Sections of the workshop are modified for K-2 and 9-12

The Art of a Decoy Workshop
9-11AMFriday, January 15 (Art of a Decoy) K-4 Students
9-11AMFriday, February 5 (Art of a Decoy) 9-12 Students
9-11AMFriday, March 4 (Art of a Decoy) K-4 Students
12-2PMFriday, April 8 (Art of a Decoy) 5-8 Students
12-2PMFriday, April 15 (Art of a Decoy) K-4 Students

A Bird’s Life
In A Bird’s Life students will explore decoys from our permanent collection and use print materials and iPads provided by the Shelburne Museum to research a bird, create a habitat diorama; and write a short narrative to highlight the key components of their research.
Recommended for grades 3-8

A Bird’s Life Workshop
12-2PMFriday, January 29 (A Bird’s Life) 5-8 Students
9-11AMFriday, February 12 (A Bird’s Life) K-4 Students
12-2PMFriday, February 12 (A Bird’s Life) 5-8 Students
9-11AMFriday, March 25 (A Bird’s Life) 5-8 Students
12-2PMFriday, March 25 (A Bird’s Life) 9-12 Students
9-11AMFriday, April 15 (A Bird’s Life) K-4 Students

Special Exhibition Workshops offered January 29, 2016-April 15, 2016
32 Degrees: The Art of Winter
Students will investigate the complexities of winter as portrayed by diverse artistic forms and media. The workshop includes an exploration of the indoor and outdoor art installations and an hour-long art activity. 

Not Your Average Snow Globe
Students create a snowy, encapsulated world their own reimagined snow globe, inspired by the artists in the exhibition. Materials Fee: $25 per group
Recommended for grades K-8

Not Your Average Snow Globe
12-2PMFriday, January 15, K-4 Students
9-11AMFriday, January 29, 5-8 Students
9-11AMFriday, March 18, K-4 Students
12-2PMFriday, March 18, 5-8 Students
9-11AMFriday, April 8, K-4 Students
Note: $5 Material Fee/Per Family