Fort Ti Homeschool Day

Friday, September 9, 2016

Homeschool groups, you are invited to join us for a day exclusively reserved for you! Spend a day at Fort Ticonderoga and take part in a series of programs designed for homeschool families. While interacting with British soldiers, students can ask about the life at the 18th-century fort.
During the day, students can learn about the British troops who helped defend Fort Ticonderoga in the fall of 1777. While interacting with these British soldiers, students can ask about the life of an 18th-century soldier. What did he eat? Where did he sleep? What did he wear? Where did his clothes come from?
Students can explore the Fort and museum exhibitions. They can take guided tours, learn about the Fort’s history, and observe musket demonstrations. They can visit the historic trades shop, where shoes and clothing are produced by the Fort’s staff, and learn about the global economy of the 1770s.
To register your homeschool students, please email our Group Tour Coordinator at Fort Ticonderoga,
I wanted to thank Ft. Ticonderoga for Homeschool Day. My kids & I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a day at the fort. The demonstrations were wonderful, and we enjoyed learning about the history of the fort & the area. The guide explaining the geography of the area & lakes helped us to understand why the fort was so strategically desired. --2015 Homeschool Day Participant
By the way, the day was AMAZING!!! No joke, it was absolutely everything we hoped for and more. We all want to come back! Thank you to everyone who put so much effort, planning, enthusiasm, and time into a perfect way to start the homeschooling year!!! --2015 Homeschool Day Participant
All of you at Fort Ticonderoga should be high-fiving each other!  Your homeschool day was incredible!  My family and I have traveled all over the Northeast and Midwest attending homeschool events at historical landmarks, national parks, national lakeshore, etc, and yours was one of the best!  We had an amazing time enjoying your majestic fort in it's beautiful surroundings on Lake Champlain.  The interpreters were informative and interesting.  Every staff member and volunteer was friendly and helpful. Thank you for this special event geared towards the homeschooling family.  We've been telling everyone how great Fort Ticonderoga is!  We'll definitely be back!--2015 Homeschool Day Participant


Student admission fo Homeschool Day is $6 per student with one free parent. Additional adults pay $14 each. Student rates apply to Grades K-12.

Making Reservations

To make a reservation for Homeschool Day, contact our Group Tour Coordinator, at (518) 585-2821 or
To download or print the Homeschool Day form, click here

Homeschool Day Schedule (tentative)

10:15--Guided Tour—Learn about the history of Fort Ticonderoga on this 30-minute guided tour.Begins at the American Flag.
10:30--Historic Trades Program, Shoemaking—Visit the Shoemaker and learn about the production of shoes in 1777. Program takes place in the Shoe Shop on the ground floor of the Officers’ Barracks.
11:00--Carillon Boat Cruise--Explore Ticonderoga's history from the water! Embark on this adventure for an unforgettable experience aboard the Carillon cruise vessel. Reservations are required, please call (518)585-2821 to reserve your spot!
11:00-1:00--Watercolors in the King's Garden—Try your hand at Watercolor Paints, while using the beautiful landscapes of the King’s Garden as your inspiration. Not into paint? Colored Pencils will also be available with suggestions for painting and drawing.
11:00--Musket Demo—Learn about Bristish battlefield tactics, including the loading and firing of muskets. This takes place in the Demonstration Area on the south side of the Fort..
11:30--King's Garden Tour—Learn about the history of the King’s Garden and the Grounds surrounding the Pavilion. Tour begins at the American Flag.
12:00--Mid-Day Mess Program—Learn about how the British Troops at Fort Ticonderoga in 1777 prepared their mid-day meal in a field kitchen. Program takes place at the Camp Kitchen next to the Fort’s archway.
12:30--Historic Trades Program, Tailoring—Visit the Tailor and learn about the production of clothes in 1777 for the British Army. Program takes place in the Tailor’s Post on the second floor of the Officers’ Barracks.
1:00-- "To Act as One United Body" In the Footsteps of the Continental Soldiers--In this program, children can observe a musket demonstration and practice formation tactics. The soldier's experience comes to life as children learn about key aspects of the American Revolution. Come learn about the training used to prepare soldiers to meet a powerful enemy, what soldiers ate, and experience the confusion of battle. Advanced reservations are required, along with an additional $4.oo per person. Please call (518)585-2821 to reserve your spot!
1:15--Guided Tour—see 10:15 description.
1:30--National History Day Program introduction—Learn about the National History Day Program, a program for students in grades 6-12. Program takes place in the 2nd floor classroom in the Mars Education Center.
2:00--Cannon Demonstration- Learn how the British Army used well trained cannon crews to make cannons effective in 1777.
2:00-4:00--Watercolors in the King's Garden—see 11:00 description.
2:30--Historic Trades Program, Shoemaking—see 10:30 description.
2:30--King's Garden Tour—see 11:30 description.
3:00--Guided Tour—see 10:15 description.

Ongoing Activities at Fort Ticonderoga

9:30-5:00 Explore the Museum! We have several new exhibits this year, with lots of intriguing experiences for students.  See teacher resources to help plan your visit.
12:00-4:00 The Heroic Corn Maze! Explore Fort Ticonderoga’s six-acre corn maze. Find your way through both phases of this maze. Try out the “Engineer a Fort Quest” and place your name on the wall of fame! Last entry at 3:30.
9:30-5:00--Explore the Kings Garden! Roll up your sleeves and help the gardeners, or just experience the beauty of the gardens. We also have suggestions for self-guided activities in the gardens posted in the kiosk across from the Chicken Coop.

North Country History Day

The National History Day® program provides homeschool families with an excellent opportunity for project-based learning. Students create projects based on an annual theme and compete at the regional, state, and national level.
Fort Ticonderoga coordinates North Country History Day for students is Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, St. Lawrence, and Warren counties in New York State. Homeschool students who reside in these six counties are invited to participate. Learn More.