Homeschooling Contact List

It has been a few months since we updated the contact list, and since we have had many new families join our community, that means it's time!

This is a list of local homeschool families who are choosing to share their contact info ONLY with EACH OTHER for the purposes of planning events, park days, and generally just keeping everyone in touch.  :-)   NO information on this list is shared with the public or on the internet in any way.

This list is NOT accessible online.   It is a PDF file that will be emailed directly to you, and only to the families who choose to participate.

If you wish to be on (and receive a copy of) the North Country Contact List, or your contact or family information has changed since the last list went out, please email the following to Kari Zurlo

Last name
Parent names
Email  Names and ages of children

Again, only those providing the info will receive a copy.

If you have already provided the info you do not need to provide again.