French Class

The following was posted by Lisa Bergmann this morning on the Facebook group regarding the French classes that will be offered at co-op starting 10/30:

After getting several questions about the French class, Carole and I decided that the Oct 30 co-op will not be a class, but will be more of a sign-up, introduction to her, and information about her class. She needs to know how many people are interested and also their ages before she can figure out if there needs to be one or two classes. Each class possibly being 45 minutes long.

She is willing to do a multiple child rate of 50% for second child. (If there's more in your family you can discuss with her.)

If you're interested, you can sign-up next week at Oct 30 co-op and pay for the remaining three co-op French classes for this year for $30 total, per child, or $45 for two children.

You can also contact her directly with other questions at her email: