Homeschool Dance Classes at the Strand Arts Center

"Adore  Isadora" -  free style lyrical  modern dance inspired by the ideas of the great Isadora Duncan.

Ballet -  dance, pirrouette, jump, leap,  float with the grace of a swan in the time honored tradition of classical ballet.  Learn balance, grace, develop stamina, great posture and a smattering of French.

The classes are
homeschool  Isadora 1:00 p.m.
homeschool    Ballet level 1  - 2:00 p,m
All children's Ballet  level 1 -  3:30 p.m
All children's Ballet  level 2 -  4:30
Teenagers and Adults- Can-can - 5:30
Teenagers and Adults Ballet  - 6:30

Classes start Tuesday September 16th.                  
for information  and to register-
 email-     or tele; 562-3205