French Tutor Available for Private or Group Lessons

I'm looking to add more French tutoring classes this year.  I'd like to start some small groups.  My fees are $30 per hour for up to 4 or $40 for 1 1/2 hours.

For small children I would build vocabulary using 3 minute episodes of a popular French cartoon (Petit Ours Brun).  This is also available on You Tube.  I would also concentrate on stories, songs, and games.  I would be available weekly, biweekly, or even monthly, but would need a committment from all participants for the duration of the lessons.

You could plan 4 - 6 week sessions and then reevaluate according to your needs and desires.  For older kids, I could do a session concentrating on reading and sounds or we could work on building vocabulary and/or grammar, etc.  Another option for older home schooled children would be for everyone to come ready with questions and difficulties they are having with their own curriculum.

This would take place at my house in Plattsburgh. 

Private tutoring is available for $25/hour.

For those wanting background information.  My undergraduate degree is in French, my graduate degree is in teaching.  I am a NYS certified French teacher.  I grew up in Canada and took French from the 3rd grade on with advanced French classes in High School.  I was a teacher's assistant in a French school in Arizona for 4 years where the whole curriculum was in French.  I raised my own kids to be bilingual and both are currently studying in France.  I have worked as an assistant teacher, a substitute teacher, and an ESL teacher locally.  I have been tutoring French for 10 years.

Contact: Kim Fleming 324-5580.