Daytime Homeschool Support Group

Daytime Homeschool Support Group
The daytime homeschool support group will meet this week at co-op (Cadyville Wesleyan Church) , downstairs from roughly 1-3pm (Wedensday December 4).  Even if you do not attend co-op, please feel free to come to the support group!  

We will dedicate the first 30 min to answering "logistical" questions about paperwork, testing requirements, etc & the remaining time discussing a more specific homeschooling topic (ie: scheduling, outside activities, online resources, exploring various curriculums, etc). Our theme for this class will be homeschooling through the holidays. :-)

PLEASE BRING YOUR PAPERWORK! If you have questions about your paperwork, or paperwork you've received from your local school districts, please bring it to the meeting so we can help you better! Support group will dedicate the first 30 min to answering "logistical" questions. Those questions are much easier to answer if you have your paperwork & correspondence! 

Coodinator: Kari Zurlo
Fee: Free
RSVP: Kari,