Shelburne Museum Winter/Early Spring Workshops

Shelburne Museum Winter/Early Spring Workshops in the Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education
Our school programs workshops offer students K-12 an exciting opportunity to explore our special exhibitions and engage in meaningful, hands-on, art-based activities. Workshops are designed to meet Common Core standards. $7.50 per student. One parent per child admitted free. Pre-registration required for homeschooling families and school groups. To register, please call Maggie Lisman, Academic Programs Coordinator at (802) 985-3346, x3395 or email at

When is it offered?
Workshops are offered from September to June, in conjunction with the winter/early spring special exhibition schedule (see below)

How does it work?
Two workshop sessions are offered on Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-11 a.m. and 12-2 p.m. Explore the special exhibition with a knowledgeable Museum educator. Then, head to the classroom for artistic expression and creation during an exhibition-related, hands-on, art making experience. All workshops can be modified to meet the needs of your students’ grade level.

The Artist’s Toolkit: American Art September 16, 2015-June 10, 2016
In The Artist’s Toolkit: American Art students in grades 9-12 will use Visual Thinking Strategies to explore our American paintings collection and spend time working independently to gain a deeper understanding of the artists and the techniques used in their work.

The Artist’s Toolkit: American Art
12-2PMFriday, May 13, 9-12 Students
12-2PMFriday, May 27, 9-12 Students

The Artist’s Toolkit: Impressionism May 9, 2016-June 10, 2016
In The Artist’s Toolkit: Impressionism students in grades 9-12 will explore the Impressionist painting collection housed in the Electra Havemeyer Webb Memorial Building, compare major artists of the movement, and discuss the techniques and subjects of the movement. In our classroom space, students will apply the artists’ techniques to create their own Impressionist-inspired painting.
Recommended for grades 9-12

The Artist’s Toolkit: Impressionism
9-11AMFriday, May 13, 9-12 Students
9-11AMFriday, May 27, 9-12 Students

Special Exhibition Workshops November 4, 2015-December 18, 2015
Eyes on the Land
Workshops in conjunction with Eyes on the Land aim to provide students with an opportunity to explore different interpretations of landscape through the work of thirteen Vermont painters, photographers, and sculptors featured in indoor and outdoor art installations. Each workshop includes an exploration of Eyes on the Land and an hour-long art activity.

Nature Explorers
Come explore nature! Students will work in small groups to investigate all things in nature using magnifying glasses, participate in a nature scavenger hunt and create an animal or geometric pattern using nature-inspired materials. Once complete, students will attach their work to one another to create a collaborative mobile. *Participating schools are asked to collect leaves from their community for use in the workshop.
Recommended for grades K-4

Nature Explorers Workshop
9-11AMFriday, November 20 (Nature Explorers) K-4 Students

Weaving with Nature
In Weaving with Nature, experience nature through art by constructing their own natural looms using sticks and string. Students will create a fiber weaving using a color pattern of their choice. Once complete, students will create a collaborative piece in which all weavings attach to each other.
Recommended for grades 5-8

Weaving with Nature Workshop
9-11AMFriday, December 18 (Weaving with Nature) K-4 Students
12-PM: Friday, December 18 (Weaving with Nature) 5-8 Students

Nature 101
After a gallery visit, students will have an opportunity to paint landscape scenes on sap buckets. 
Recommended for grades 9-12

Nature 101 Workshop
9-11AMFriday, December 11 (Nature 101) 9-12 Students

Special Exhibition Workshops December 2, 2015-April 15, 2016
Birds of a Feather
Workshops in conjunction with Birds of a Feather are designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards and aim to provide students with an opportunity to investigate a bird’s habitat, explore the history and purpose of decoys, and gain essential understandings in life science. Each workshop includes an exploration of Birds of a Feather and an hour-long art activity. 

The Art of a Decoy
In The Art of a Decoy, students will use iPads and print materials to research the history and construction of duck decoys. Students will have an opportunity to explore decoys from our permanent collection and create their own decoy and write a short narrative.
Recommended for grades K-12
Sections of the workshop are modified for K-2 and 9-12

The Art of a Decoy Workshop
9-11AMFriday, January 15 (Art of a Decoy) K-4 Students
9-11AMFriday, February 5 (Art of a Decoy) 9-12 Students
9-11AMFriday, March 4 (Art of a Decoy) K-4 Students
12-2PMFriday, April 8 (Art of a Decoy) 5-8 Students
12-2PMFriday, April 15 (Art of a Decoy) K-4 Students

A Bird’s Life
In A Bird’s Life students will explore decoys from our permanent collection and use print materials and iPads provided by the Shelburne Museum to research a bird, create a habitat diorama; and write a short narrative to highlight the key components of their research.
Recommended for grades 3-8

A Bird’s Life Workshop
12-2PMFriday, January 29 (A Bird’s Life) 5-8 Students
9-11AMFriday, February 12 (A Bird’s Life) K-4 Students
12-2PMFriday, February 12 (A Bird’s Life) 5-8 Students
9-11AMFriday, March 25 (A Bird’s Life) 5-8 Students
12-2PMFriday, March 25 (A Bird’s Life) 9-12 Students
9-11AMFriday, April 15 (A Bird’s Life) K-4 Students

Special Exhibition Workshops offered January 29, 2016-April 15, 2016
32 Degrees: The Art of Winter
Students will investigate the complexities of winter as portrayed by diverse artistic forms and media. The workshop includes an exploration of the indoor and outdoor art installations and an hour-long art activity. 

Not Your Average Snow Globe
Students create a snowy, encapsulated world their own reimagined snow globe, inspired by the artists in the exhibition. Materials Fee: $25 per group
Recommended for grades K-8

Not Your Average Snow Globe
12-2PMFriday, January 15, K-4 Students
9-11AMFriday, January 29, 5-8 Students
9-11AMFriday, March 18, K-4 Students
12-2PMFriday, March 18, 5-8 Students
9-11AMFriday, April 8, K-4 Students
Note: $5 Material Fee/Per Family