November Homeschool Reading Challenge

How it works: 

Kids: Keep track of how many books you read in the month of November using a reading log( keep track of pledge per book read, library donating the money to and a list of the books read).  Ask your parents and/or grandparents (or anyone else you would like to ask) to pledge a small donation amount per book.  At the end of the month, tally the amount of money earned and donate this amount to your local library.  

If you read more than 20 books, additional book titles can be written on the back of the sheet and/or additional pages.

Parents and kids give their donation directly to their library of choice.  Please email Samantha at with your total number of books read and donation amount, as last year a newspaper article was written announcing the total number of books read and amount of money earned.  

You can include books read with, to, or by the child, as well as audiobooks. Fiction, non fiction, poetry- it all counts! (Videos or movies are excluded.)

Books can be of any length that you decide is appropriate for your child's age and reading ability. You can also do a family challenge and add up the books read by every member of the family or do the challenge as individuals.  Just be sure to have fun!