Lake Champlain Maritime Museum Camp

I work with the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and I thought upstate NY homeschoolers might be interested to hear about our brand-new 2015 “Lake Adventure Camps”.  We’re very excited to offer these summer camps in Vergennes, VT -- and now Burlington, VT.  These programs for students ages 4-16 follow the same high standards for hands-on experiential learning that the museum has been offering for 30 years.   Each of these on-water and underwater discovery experiences “go deeper than amusement” and are for youth who love learning, no matter what season it is! Says our Executive Director Mike Smiles, "They are designed to inspire a new generation of adventure historians, scientists, and stewards of Lake Champlain.”

If you feel your homeschool families would like to learn more, the full camp listing is at

Moving forward, the Maritime Museum would like to better serve home study families - at our campus, and in the community; do you have an email list to which I can be added?  Can you recommend other people or networks that I should reach out to?  I look forward to hearing from you!

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PS: We also have tons of free curricula and resources available online: