Peru Library Homeschool Art Show

The Peru Library Homeschool Art Show has been rescheduled for this summer. Exact dates to be determined. The library is doing some remodeling work and our original month of March is no longer available. This is the library's 100th birthday so the librarian has some fun things planned. Typically, the library does not exhibit anyone's artwork during the summer months and she would love to have us on display with the extra events planned.
May I have a head count for those families comitting to participate?  Would each family drop me a line ASAP with an estimated artwork count that you hope to submit for your family? Typically, co-op, art classes, 4H, meetings etc... will be winding down as we enter the summer months. If art projects have not been completed ahead of time with said classes, each individual family is encouraged to still get their creativity on.
Art may be completed in a class setting or individually. This is open to all families receiving this email. Multiple pieces may be submitted. Hanging art needs to be matted. You can do the matting yourself. Does not need to be fancy, professional, expensive. Art does not need to be framed. Art does not need to be something created within the next couple of months. It may be an older piece you love. All art needs to be tagged with name (first name, last name OR initial), age, town.
Art can be anything! Any medium. Some suggestions I have received are summer themes and artwork depicting your homes.
The librarian would like to hold a reception.  
Please email me ASAP at if your family would like to participate. Any questions... just let me know. Thanks very much!!