Boy Soloist Needed

Dear homeschooling families, 

I'm back in touch this spring, after our Amahl and the Night Visitors project of last November.  

This semester I am preparing a performance of Leonard Bernstein's Chichester Psalms.  Performance date is tentatively set for April 25.

I have performed this work with my choirs several times over the years. It calls for a boy (that is, an unchanged voice) for the solo part in Movement II. And I have always enjoyed the process of selecting and preparing the soloist, who comes from the community. It's a wonderful experience to showcase some of our young talent.

So today I'm just putting out some feelers to see if any of you have a boy soloist who might be a good candidate for the solo in the 2nd movement.  I am listening to prospective soloists this week and next week. The singer does not need to prepare anything. I will want to plan on spending perhaps 30 minutes with him, so I can take some time to get to know his voice (range, quality, aural acuity) and see if this solo is a good fit for him.  

Here's a link to a good recording, with Leonard Bernstein conducting. Do note that I am not looking specifically for a straight tone from the soloist. And, of course, I would very much enjoy preparing the singer myself throughout the semester.  We would arrange times that worked with both our schedules.

You'll note that the work is sung in Hebrew--and this link also has the translations of the various Psalms that Bernstein selected.  The boy solo in Movtement II is the 23rd Psalm.

Please pass the word and ask interested parents get in touch with me with any further questions or to arrange a time for me to meet with them.  Some singers are coming here to campus and I am meeting some at their home or school, depending on what works with our schedules.

While our meeting (about 45 minutes) would be an audition, I don't want it to be a daunting one . . . I will have the singer do some simple vocal exercises and some pitch games.

Thanks for considering!


Jo El