Co-op Wednesday 21 January

Please come join us at the Wesleyan Church on Rt 3 in the village of Cadyville.

Set-up for those teaching will begin at 10:15am.  Also, teachers, please remember to bring an envelope marked with your class name, fee, and some change to place on the sign-in table!  

Classes start promptly at 11:00am, and conclude around 2:30p when the 1:00pm afternoon classes finish. Feel free to come for the whole time or just for the portion your family wants to participate in. Bring a lunch or participate in the community potluck!
Full details available on all class offerings below. For quick reference here is an overview of what is being offered this day:
11:00 - 12:00
PreK Penguin Art -- PreK -- Jody Nebesnik
Tracking Animals In Winter -- All ages/grades-- Michael Burgess Felted Bead Necklacees -- K-3 -- Jenn Cantwell Easy Healthy Snacks -- Gr 3 & up -- Amanda Bokus
History: Creating 1st Person Interpretations -- middle/high school -- Jan McCormick

12:35 - 12:55:
Children’s Chorus -- PreK-3rd -- Holly Warren
Youth Chorus -- 4th & up -- Cheryl Lussier
Current Events Club -- middle/high school -- Tammy Neureuther

1:00 - 2:00:
Artist Study: Joan Miro & the technique of automatic drawing -- K & up -- Melissa Floyd
Foraging Experiment: Data Analysis -- 5th & up -- TJ Warren

Free Play Room:  Kerri dolls
11:00a - 12:00p
All Ages: Tracking Class
Join us at the Cadyville Recreational Fields for an outdoor tracking excursion. Please come dressed for the weather! We will meet as a group near the trail heads, where we will discuss general information about tracking animals in winter in the North Country. We will then take a walk & see what evidence we can find of animal activity. All ages welcome! 
**If it looks as if we will not have good conditions for tracking, an email will go out announcing a change of location & we will meet at the church for an alternative presentation of the topic**
Teacher: Michael Burgess Fee: FREE
RSVP: Michael Burgess, Preschool:
Preschool Penguins
A cool hands-(using feet!)-on painting project and penguin themed story and snack. Wear your messy art clothes!
Fee: $1 per child
RSVP: Jody Nebesnik,
Elementary (K-3): Felted Bead Necklaces We will wet-felt colorful beads to string up for necklaces. We'll be getting our hands (and maybe clothes) wet, so bring an apron if you'd like. We'll be using Valentine's Day colors, so we can make a gift for someone special!
Teacher: Jenn Cantwell
Fee: FREE Class Limit: 10 RSVP: Jenn Cantwell,
Gr 3-6: Easy Healthy Snacks Make a variety of healthy snacks to share with the group during potluck, including fruit parfaits, banana roll ups, & others.
Teacher: Amanda Bokus Fee: $5 per student Class Size: 10 students RSVP: Amanda Bokus,
Middle/High School:
Creating First Person Interpretations
History Class for 5th and above -- class dates -- 1/21, 2/18, 3/4, 3/18

Students will choose a time period, and person to interpret. It could be an actual person or a soldier, Native American, doctor, a young person from a period in time, etc.We will use the internet to browse historic newspapers, contact museum and library archives, look for histories to assist developing an accurate historic presentation.

As an example how I have used this in the past… I was paid by a historical society to research an actual person and I created a one woman show for a historic tea they had. At historic houses I created specialized tours around holidays researching what was going on in the town one hundred years earlier and incorporating it into the tour. You can create a special tour using journals and letters to enhance a special day or event.   Reenactors research what the life of a soldier, Native American, etc. What their average day was like, what they were paid, what they ate, etc. 

We will work together developing your character or historic persona and then video  your presentation. We can discuss how you would like your presentation video done. If you are able to do it at home, at a historic house, etc. and present it to the class that would be fine.  Those interested, please email Jan a person, idea or time period you are interest in so she can have some information ready first class.  If you have any questions and to register, please email Jan at

Teacher: Jan McCormick
Fee: $3 per class OR $8 for the series
RSVP:  Jan McCormick,

12:00p - 1:00p
Potluck or bag lunch period. ***Please remember that co-op as a new nut free policy! This includes not only items brought for potluck, but also for holiday treats, snacks & bag lunches. If you are looking for a nut butter alternative, sun butter is OK to use! *** We will meet upstairs in the fellowship hall for lunch break.  Potluck lunch is open for everyone attending!  If your family has special dietary needs (vegan, gluten free, etc), please consider bringing a dish to share that you family can also eat!    Families who choose not to participate in potluck are encouraged to bring a bag lunch.  

If you’d like to participate in a potluck lunch please email Cathy Morin at

12:35p - 12:55p
Children’s Chorus -- (grades PreK - 3)
Teacher: Holly Warren
Fee:  FREE
RSVP:  Holly Warren,, or Facebook Holly Warren. No need to RSVP unless the student is a new participant.

Youth Chorus -- (grades 4 & up) Students will be choosing a new set of songs to learn for the spring sing at Meadowbrook Nursing Home.  
Teacher: Cheryl Lussier
RSVP:  Cheryl Lussier,, or Facebook Cheryl Corsetti Lussier. No need to RSVP unless the student is a new participant.

Current Events  -- (middle/high school)
This weekly group will discuss and explore what is happening locally, nationally and around the world.  Due to some of the content that may be discussed this will be for the middle school and highschool students only (with parental approval).  Students will be asked to contribute weekly.  This class will meet in the downstairs board room.
Teacher: Tammy Neureuther
RSVP: Tammy Neureuther, or Facebook Tammy Neureuther

1:00p - 2:00p
Artist Study: Joan Miro
This class will do an easy art project discussing the art style of Spanish artist Joan Miro, and draw a picture or two using his technique of automatic drawing.
Teacher: Melissa Floyd
RSVP: Melissa Floyd,

Middle/High School: Foraging Experiment Data Analysis
**Please note: This class will conclude between 2 & 2:30pm **

In this class, students will be broken into small groups, and using a spreadsheet on laptops analyze the data collected during the foraging experiment at the fall Science Experiment Day. If you have a laptop that could be used for this class please let Holly know prior to the class date. The more laptops we have to use the smaller the groups can be for the kids to do the data analysis! (We currently have 2 laptops available to use this day.)

Teacher: TJ Warren
Cost: FREE
RSVP: Holly Warren,

Board Games & Afternoon Free play  --
Board games for the preschool & elementary age children will be set up in the preschool room downstairs. There will also be building blocks, basic art supplies, and other items to help keep our youngest co-op members entertained throughout the afternoon.

Board games for older kids (ages 9+) will be set up in the board room for the afternoon.  Bring your favorite game to share!