Coop Lecture for Upper Elementary

Local history writer, Joy Demarse will be speaking at the North Country Homeschool Co-op about her new book young adult book "Nine Days a Soldier: The Story of Aiken's Volunteers in the War of 1812".

Her presentation will be directed primarily at students in upper elementary grades and up, but anyone is welcome to come and participate!

Her talk will start around 1pm and conclude sometime between 2-3pm.  You can purchase her book prior to the day, check it out from the Plattsburgh Public library (they have 1 copy currently available), or she will also have her books available for purchase (and to be signed) on the day of the event.

You do NOT have to have pre-read the book to participate in this event, although having a basic idea about the War of 1812 and Plattsburgh's role in it would probably be helpful to understanding the talk.

I believe you can purchase her book though the Clinton County Historical Society/Museum, and you can also find Joy's book online at Amazon (where you are also able to view a short sample of the book):
The complete co-op schedule for the 1/29/14 class will be coming out shortly as well.   The downstairs classrooms will also be available during this time for free play, board games, and simple arts & crafts activities to keep younger siblings occupied during Joy's presentation. :-)