Free Enterprise Speak-off

Homeschool high school students (or 8th graders taking at least ONE high school class) are invited to compete in the North Country Homeschooling Free Enterprise Speak-off, sponsored by the North Country Homeschooling Free Enterprise Team Plattsburgh State University on Feb 16th at 10:30 at the North Country Alliance Church, 9 Northern Avenue, Plattsburgh, NY. 

On March 9 (all day), 6 high-school teams and 14 regional college teams will compete in the Free Enterprise Competition held at Plattsburgh State. Each team is comprised of 5 students. A real world company will present a business challenge they are having. The teams will spend the day sequestered at Plattsburgh State planning a viable solution for the company. Each team will present a 10 minute solution presentation. The company will select the winning solutions. There are cash prizes for the winning teams. 

Part of the competition on March 9 is speak off competition, where one member of each team will give a 3-4 minute speech on "Why Free Enterprise Works". 

The North Country homeschooling team is inviting all interested high-schoolers to participate in the local homeschooling team speak-off. The winner will receive $100 + a spot on the North Country Homeschool entrepreneurship team. The winning member MUST be able to participate in the challenge on March 9th at Plattsburgh State. The event starts at 8 and lasts through dinner ending at 8:30pm. Team members must be able to commit to be there from 8am to 5pm during the competition time. 

The local competition for homeschoolers will be: Thursday Feb 16 at 10:30am at the North Country Alliance Church

Participants must give a speech entitled 'Free Enterprise: Why it Works."
The speech must be min of 3 minutes and max of 4 minutes. The speech should have an intro, 3 points and conclusion. Notes can be used however, they should NOT be read.The youth will be evaluated and judged by professionals from the community.

Please sign up by FEB 13 by emialing
or calling Melissa Sayward at 643-8530