Fairy Home Competition and Tour

Krebby’z Forest Kottages A Fairy/Troll Fantasy Home Tour Festival

June 3rd , 2017 10am -6pm

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Join community members, youth groups, and families in constructing a home to be placed on exhibit
on the trails of Sellars Forest, Burke NY. These homes are to be constructing from organic materials,
please no store bought items. Twigs, stones, pinecones, pebbles, tree stumps, acorns, etc . Homes can
be held together with glues, twine, wire, small nails & screws. These homes may range in sizes of 4 inches to 4ft. They are constructed from the comfort of your home and brought to Sellars Park, Sellars RD Burke NY. They will be placed in age divisions and entered into the contest according to age divisions.

There is a $10 application for entry. Be sure to send an inquiry, for an application on the events page. Guest coming to view the homes admission is $3 for Adults and $1 for youth. Guests may enter the Forest multiple times for one admission.

There will be a tea with the Fairy Queen. Ages 3 and up and must sign up day of for the Tea. Charge is $1. Costume contest. A Troll race… Meet the Water Fairy, Fairy Godmother, Tooth Fairy, Tinkerbell and others. Visit the Dust shop to purchase Pixie Dust, Dust Bunnies, and house dust.

Special guest Michelle Dual Wagner of Saratoga Springs, will provide free gallery readings. Guest
Tom Comwell Ufologist ,will present his books and lecture on his findings as a Ufologist. Steve Kulls Squatch Detective, whom has made appearances on National Geographics tv show will present his findings and answer questions. Prepare for his books as well. Jack Kenna Paranormal Investigator and Comic Book Author will also present his findings. He has made many appearances on Haunted Case Files. And finally Stacey Horton Paranormal Investigator will be preset to share her findings and answer questions.

Food, Music, Venders, and the enjoyment of the great outdoors.

We look forward to welcoming you and your families to this gala Inaugural Event….

Please Call : If you would like to volunteer as we need many, or would like to ask a question