The Tempest performed by SUNY Plattsburgh Theatre Department

Come and join the SUNY Plattsburgh Theatre Department and discover Shakespeare’s own tale of discovery in one of his last plays, The Tempest.  Share Miranda’s sense of wonder as the world that has been her life suddenly becomes quite small.  And, what becomes of the Tempest of her father’s rage? Well you will have to come to Harman Theatre to discover that!

This special matinee of The Tempest is a great opportunity to introduce your junior and senior high students to the world of Shakespeare.  Written during the period of discovery in Europe, a time when Europeans themselves were becoming aware of civilizations outside their own, this play represents the ‘sea change’ affecting the cultural awareness of Elizabethan England.  The four hundred years between that time and now may seem like an enormous span of time, but compared to the sum of human history is really only a blink of the eye.  How much has really changed during that instant of time?

Please join us in the Hartman Theatre, located in the Myers Fine Arts building at SUNY Plattsburgh, Wednesday Nov 2, 9:30 for our special matinee.  The runtime on the play is approximately 2 hours including the intermission.  A cast and crew talk back will follow and optional backstage tours can be arranged. Tickets are discounted to $3 each for both students and chaperones.  We expect a large turnout, so do not hesitate in making your reservations.

If you are planning to attend the matinee, we encourage you to reserve your tickets as early as possible due to high demand. Please call our office at (518) 564-2243 to make a group reservation and take advantage of discount pricing.