Saranac Lake History Day

History Day on October 21

Homeschool History Day is a big day in Saranac Lake! All are welcome, but think carefully before you decide to commit to this event which requires a lot of parental involvement! Sign up using this form:

Use this form to RSVP for History Day

We spend the morning hearing short oral presentations from the kids who dress up as historic characters or historic things that they researched. We have a potluck lunch and then spend the afternoon doing hands-on, multidisciplinary activities that provide clues leading up to the finding of a treasure.

We will meet at Historic Saranac Lake's (HSL) Historic Saranac Laboratory at 9:30am with kids' presentations starting at 10am

We'll have a pot luck lunch together around noon (there is a full kitchen at the lab so bring things that need to be cold or things that need to be warmed up).

After lunch we will walk to the Cure Cottage Museum on Helen Hill with our guide from HSL. It's a short walk. Then we will walk back to our cars at HSL and drive to the Little Red cottage at the Trudeau Institute (maps will be provided) for some more touring.

At each location we have hands-on learning activities for the kids in all subject areas - history, math, physics, biology, art, etc. We should be done by 3pm.

Here's what you have do to prepare for the day:
1. RSVP and let me know you're coming. The cost is $2 per person.
2. Help your child prepare a 5-or-so minute presentation and costume about the thing or person they want to research.
3. Think of what food or drink you'd like to bring to the potluck lunch and offer to bring plasticware, dishes, cups, and napkins if you have them sitting around your house.
4. Once we have our attendance numbers, you can (but aren't required to) buy small "treasure bag" items to put into each child's goodie bag that they take home at the end of the treasure hunt. We do have some teens, so try to think of small items that would be useful for teens and younger kids too.