Annual Banker Orchard Field Trip

It's time again for the annual Banker's field trip! 

Next Tuesday, 10/6/15 at 11:00am. Please meet up with Holly at one of the picnic tables outside the store by 10:45am to pay for your family. It will run approximately 90 min. Families are welcome to bring a bag lunch & picnic after. 

This year, in addition to the regular talk about how apples grow, there will be a special talk from one of the orchard owners just for the Gr 6+ kids. He will be presenting some of the information they use when speaking with Paul Smith's students about farming practices. 

We will be outdoors the whole time, so please dress accordingly!

$6.50 per child for apple & pumpkin picking, plus cider, doughnuts & a bowl of food for the animals.

$3.00 per adult, for apple picking, cider & doughnuts. Adult can also pick a pumpkin by paying the extra $3.50

To RSVP, please email Holly at with how many people will be paying the child rate & how many people will be paying the adult rate.