Online Registration begins for the 2015 LPCA Weibrecht AfterSchool Workshops

Children learn most when they are motivated, challenged, and having fun...

After school workshops provide parents with a convenient way to grow their child's artistic interests in a unique hands-on environment.  Join us for a series of hands-on AfterSchool workshops conducted by professional artists from around the area.
Online registration begins Monday, February 2.  We strongly encourage everyone to register online to guarantee a space in the class.
Phone registration begins Monday, February 9.

Click here for a printout of all available classes.

About the program

  • Pre-registration is required for all workshops.  Online registration begins Monday, February 2.  Phone registration begins Monday, February 9.
  • Students may register for two free workshops.  A paid workshop does not count as one of the two.
  • A class will only have a waitlist once it has been filled.
  • Double check your dates carefully so that you don't double book your child's workshops.
  • Many classes meet for several days.  Students are expected to attend all dates listed for each class.
  • If a student must miss a class, please inform the LPCA office at 518.523.2512 immediately.  Failure to call prevents other children from having the opportunity to take classes.
  • Registration is one a first-come, first-served bases.  All area children are invited to participate!
  • Please drop-off and pick-up students promptly.
  • Do not bring un-registered friends.  We cannot accomodate extra students in classes.
  • We ask that parents do not stay in the classroom.  However, you are welcome to wait in one of the LPCA's waiting areas
For questions on any LPCA workshop, contact Anya at 518.523.2512.