North Country Homeschooling-October 16, 2013 -- Banker's Field trip

October 16, 2013 -- Banker's Field trip -- 9:30am

We will be meeting at Banker's again this year for apple & pumpkin picking, wagon rides, feeding the animals, and cider & doughnuts.  Banker's is on Rt 3 in West Plattsburgh, NY.  The field trip starts at 9:30, please plan to arrive by 9:15, and park in the rear (not up near the store) where the signs indicate field trip parking.

The price will be $6.50 per child for apple picking, pumpkin picking, food for the animals, and a cider/doughnut snackAdults and pick apples and have cider & doughnuts for $3.50 each.  Unlike past years, adults can not pay the child's rate in order to pick a pumpkin as well.  Banker's had a poor pumpkin crop due to the wet spring.  If adults want to purchase a pumpkin they can do so separately through the store.