June 2014 Homeschool Camping Trip

Sun June 8- Fri June 20, 2014 at Ausable Point Campground.

Booking reservations starting now to get sites in our group area!  Come for any days during that 2 week period, you do NOT have to book for the full 2 weeks. Families will be coming in & out throughout the 2 weeks.  If something comes up you can cancel or swap with another family at a later date if it turns out you can't attend.

We are shooting for sites 35-46'ish, all near the beach & bathroom.  Sites 36, 37, 38, 41, & 43 are currently booked (as of 9/10/13) with families from our group.

Feel free to contact Amanda Bokus with any questions at bokusfamily@westelcom.com .

For those of you on Facebook there is also a Facebook group for North Country Homeschooling Campers where many of the camping families discuss which meals, who is bringing what gear, etc.  The group can be accessed by going to: Facebook Homeschool Camping Group

We'd love to see some new families camping with us too!