High School Writing Retreat

High School Writing Retreat
October 28 & 29, 2016
@ Paul Smith's College
This highly successful and exciting program brings students from all over the North Country to work with acclaimed performance poets. We've been running the program since 2005, and every year sees more interest, and a new group of excited students.

Through unique creative writing exercises, students generate poems and essays and learn to read their work to an audience. This program exposes students to diverse writing styles and backgrounds from contemporary writers.

All high school students, classes, and home-schooled students are invited! This event is still free for everyone, thanks to our amazing sponsors: Adirondack Foundation: Benght Ohman Fund, Evergreen Fund, Saranac Lake Public Education Fund, Charles R. Wood Foundation, Cloudsplitter Foundation, Saranac Lake Young Arts Association, and Stewart's Holiday Match. 

*Contact Baylee to register for the High School Writing Retreat!*