Park Safari Trip, Thursday 7/2/15, 10am meet-up, $13.75/child, $30/adult

I have been in contact with someone from the park regarding an organized home-school trip and I am passing on the info to all in order to see interest. 

In order to get their school group rates there needs to be at least 20 people.

It wou
ld then be $13.75 per child plus taxes and for every 5 kids 1 adult can purchase a ticket for the same price.

Any additional adults would be charged $30.00 instead of the full price.

In addition if you would like to purchase a season pass the amount you pay will be a credit toward a season pass. So if you pay $13.75 you will get $13.75 off the price of a season pass and if you pay $30 you will get $30 off.

10am meet up at the Hemmingford Fire House.  Everyone attending please bring exact change for your group!

To RSVP or with questions please contact