Homeschool Co-op Schedule for May 7, 2014

Please come join us at the Wesleyan Church on Rt 3 in the village of Cadyville.

Set-up for those teaching will begin at 10:30am.  Also, teachers, please remember to bring an envelope marked with your class name, fee, and some change to place on the sign-in table!

Classes start at 11:00am, and conclude around 2:00pm, since French is finished for this school year. Feel free to come for the whole time or just for the portion your family wants to participate in. Bring a lunch or participate in the community potluck! Full details, fees & RSVP information available for everything below.

11:00a - 12:00p
Preschool --
Mother’s Day

There will be a reading of Are You My Mother?, then the kids will have a chance to make a Mother’s Day gift which can be framed.

Teacher: Shawna Blair
Fee: $1 per child
RSVP:  Shawna Blair  or Facebook Shawna Blair

Elementary --
American Girl Club
Our final American Girl Club meeting will be a wrap-up session where students will have the chance to complete any unfinished lapbooking pages, create a cover and “bind” their lapbooks, and pick a special surprise prize to celebrate a successful year of AG Club!  This class will take place in Classroom #2.

Teacher: Holly Warren
Fee:  $1 per child
RSVP:  Holly Warren,, or Holly Warren on Facebook

Come Explore Science!

There will be a variety of science & construction kits set up for kids to  experiment with.   Learn about electricity, magnets, and basic engineering through hands-on, play based stations.   This class will take place in Classroom #4 and the Free Play room.

RSVP:  Holly Warren,, or Holly Warren on Facebook

Upper Elementary/Middle School --
Biology Dissection
This is the final class in a series of 5 dissection classes.  For this class students will be dissecting the perch specimen.  Parents please make sure your students have taken a moment to review any documents or videos you receive via email prior to the class date.

Classes will focus on students learning about the various body systems through the dissection & observation process.  For this class, older students will meet in Classroom #3.  Please bring safety goggles & a smock/apron (or wear old clothing).

Teachers:  TJ Warren
Fee:  Pre-paid


12:00p - 1:00p

Potluck or bag lunch period.  If your family has special dietary needs (vegan, gluten free, etc), please consider bringing a dish to share that you family can also eat!   Everyone, even families who choose to bring their own lunches, are encouraged to join in the community lunch time up in the Fellowship Hall.

If you’d like to participate in a potluck lunch please email Cathy Morin at or on Facebook at Cathy Morin.

12:45p - 1:00p
Children’s Chorus --

Final meeting of chorus before our next visit to Meadowbrook Nursing Home!  This class will meet upstairs in the sanctuary.  If your child brought home their music folder to practice, please make sure to bring it for class!

Teacher: Holly Warren
Fee:  None
RSVP:  Holly Warren, or Facebook Holly Warren


1:00p - 2:00p
Board Games & Afternoon Free play  --

Board games for the preschool & elementary age children will be set up in the preschool room downstairs. There will also be building blocks, basic art supplies, and other items to help keep our youngest co-op members entertained throughout the afternoon.

Board games for older kids (ages 9+) will be set up in the board room for the afternoon.  Bring your favorite game to share!