Homeschool Summer Camp, Camp Cherokee

Homeschool Summer Camp, Camp Cherokee --  8/17-8/22  

Homeschool Camp will be Sunday, August 17th through Friday, August 22nd (morning), at Camp Cherokee (433 Gilpin Bay).  Families who attend absolutely love this camp located on beautiful Lake Saranac.  
The cost is $453 per family (NOT person) plus you supply a meal for everyone including the staff (we also bring something to share for Sunday night which is a pot luck dinner or we order pizza – this is what we did the last couple of years).  In addition, your family will be a helper at another meal.  Depending on the number of families, everyone may be asked to contribute something towards a breakfast (box of cereal/drink) and help cleaning up for one breakfast.  In the past, people have been incredibly helpful, so clean-up is pretty easy with all the hands at work.    Additional notes:  If you’d like another adult with you for the week (grandparent, etc) it is an additional $115. The cost of an additional child, not part of your immediate family (13 and under) it is $95 for the week.  Foster children are considered the family's children and included in the family price.

Tammy Neureuther is the coordinator for homeschool camp at Camp Cherokee.  She will be collecting a $100 deposit which is non-refundable to help the camp know the number of families that will be attending so they can determine the required staff.  If we let them know early enough, and the group is large enough, they will be able to provide extra staff to help our group.

You may mail your deposit to:              
  Tammy Neureuther  11 Carriagehouse Lane West Chazy, NY 12992

Activities (all included in the cost):
Pool with lifeguard
Horseback riding
Ping Pong
Small Sand Pit near the cafeteria/pool/ping-pong area Volleyball (aka: one huge sandbox! lol)
Motorboats with almost everything imaginable behind them (staff drives the boats)
Boat Area - includes kayaks, canoes, paddle boats (this is open all day but we need an adult on land and we sign the boats out)   We also have done the following in the past, mostly led by homeschoolers (staff has participated in Talent night, etc)
~ "classes" taught by a parent (this has not been done in the last couple of years, but it's completely up to us – ideas in the past have included photography, cake decorating, drawing)

~ Roast Marshmallow, Fire, Chat time

~ Chapel time (my children love the songs)

~ Mom's homeschool sharing time -- bring your favorite idea, game, product, etc to share (we have not done this the last couple of years… but could if anyone wanted)

~ Talent night

~ Lots of games semi-organized games - volley ball, kickball, soccer and capture the flag were a hit in the past.  We also played quite a few board games especially when it rains.  I suggest you bring your favorite!
~ "Spooky" stories by the campfire for the older kids

Other things you may want to know:

~ The kitchen is vegetarian; hence no meat – milk, dairy & eggs are fine.  We have children attending with peanut allergies & have modified the kitchen routine accordingly.

~ You bring your own bedding, towels, etc (beds and bunks are provide).  Tammy will let you know what beds/bunks you will have in your room before you go.

~ Every family supplies a meal - so food is mostly covered.  You can put the food you bring in the main kitchen where there is a walk in fridge and area to store food. (You may also want to bring extra snacks for your family in a plastic container if you store where you sleep or you can store anything you want in the kitchen)

Feel free to contact Tammy with questions.  You can email her at tamneureuther or call her at (h)518-563-7036 or (c) 518-569-3327

Camp is tons of fun!  Come try it out if you haven't had a chance yet.  As Tammy said when she sent me this message,  "My kids are looking forward to an amazing time with their friends and I’m looking forward to the peace and friendship I enjoy each year."   :-)